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Within the "Kratkofil Punch" project, organized by the CAA "Lanterna", there is a small school of activist documentary film. During this intensive course attendants from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina can learn all there is to know about the production of a documentary film.

The school is held in Banja Luka, with renowned names from the world of documentaries. The attendants of the project are provided with filming equipment, learn about developing the story for a documentary, filming, editing and post-production.

In the selection of a subject for Kratkofil Punch it is important to convince the organizers that the story the attendant wishes to tell is important to the society they live in, that it is current, and socially engaged.

The best stories are realized within a joint omnibus documentary which is premiered at the International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus, after which it is screened in regional and international festivals, as well as several TV stations in the whole region.

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