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Sep 2012
We_Still_Live_Here3Screening of the award winning documentary "We still Live Here: As Nutayunean", by the author Anne Makepeace, will be held on October 3rd in the Youth Center in Banja Luka, starting at 7pm.

The author will be commenting on this highly noticed independent documentary, which reveals the language and history of one of the Indian tribes, as well as the rich experiences of filming and production of this documentary.

A day later, October 4th at 10am, Anne Makepeace will also hold a lecture at the Arts Academy in Banja Luka, for all interested students, movie directors and producers, as well as other movie professionals.

This american producer and director, with more than 25 years of experience in independent films, was awarded multiple times.
The film "We still Live Here: As Nutayunean", was made in 2010. and is the winner of the Full Frame Inspiration award. The story is of an Indian Wampanoag tribe and their language which has left the use a hundred years ago, with the death of the last speaking member of the tribe.
Four centuries ago, the members of  the Wampanoag tribe helped the imigrants in America and even though all Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving, not many of them know anything about the history and language of this tibe, what changes with this docunemtary.


Main actor, linguistics  specialist Jessie Little Doe Baird is leading a project to bring the language of her predecessors back to life. For her work she was awarded the MacArthur "Genious" award.
On the choice of the theme, Makpeace said she was drawn to the idea of resurrecting a dead language.

"These tribes have a lot of rich history of devastation of culture, and still so little is known about this. This story of an Indian tribe did not stop with the horrible stories of what happened to them, it also focuses on their identity witch is being preserved for future generations" the author pointed out.

The film projection, the commentary and the lecture by the director is being organized by International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus in cooperation with the Office of Public Affairs of the United States of America Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Kratkofil Plus Festival also organized an documentary film workshop with an american director Ian Cheney together with the screening of the movie "The City Dark". While last year our audience was able to find out more about documentary films during a workshop  led by an american Oscar award winning director, writer and producer Dan Sturman and film expert Sandra Ruch.