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Oct 2012


Screening of awarded documentary „We still live here“ by american director Anne Makepeace, was held last night in House of Youth in Banja Luka.

After screening of this interesting documentary, which reveals language and history of one indian tribe, director spoke with visitors about her movie, experiences she felt from her rich work, and many other topics.

Main character of the movie, a linguist, Jessie Little Doe Baird, is leading the project of re-awakening the language of her ancestors that she had dreamed even before she learned to use it.

„This is really unusual movie. Even though all Americans celebrate Independence Day, just a few of them really know what that day actually means and to whom it is intended.

A long time ago, Indians from the tribe Wampanoag helped first immigrants in America to get along with the new surrounding, but their culture has been forgotten. The movie talks about re-awakening the language of this tribe, but it is about the language that had not been spoken for more than a hundred years.“, said director Anne Makepeace last night in Banja Luka.

She added that it is about very complicated and tough language, but she herself learned a few words in that language.


„A language that had revived increased the pride of that tribe, and also lead to stronger connection among their members. Today, this language is activelly spoken by 5 people approximately, around 7 people can continue with conversation, and a hundred of them are in a process of learning revived language“, emphasized director.

This American producer and director has been doing independent movies for more than 25 years, and she was awarded several times for her work.

Film screening, conversation with director and lectures in Banja Luka were organized by International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus, in cooperation with Public Relations  Office of American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Rachel Gandin Mark, a project executive of American Film Showcase, was also present at film screening. American Film Showcase represents a great movie program that brings American feature movies, animated movies and documentaries to the world wide audience. Through these independent movies, audience can get familiar with American society and culture.


Warning: We remind that Anne Makepeace's lecture is planned for today, at 10am at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka.