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Mar 2016

205307_324297514326965_440982278_nAfter nine successful editions, the International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus is shutting down.

There are many reasons- almost as many there were to start Kratkofil in 2007, when it seemed that the art of cinema had a safe position in the future of Bosnian society.

However, all the reasons come down to several unfortunate circumstances: lack of a vision for cultural development, an almost complete absence of interest for projects from the field of culture, a definite tendency towards commercialization of cultural events, and systematic decrease of logistic and financial support to Kratkofil Plus.

Film festivals require a continuous development of all their programmes and following of new trends. They represent a platform for promotion and development of the local film industry, and they bloom in societies that nurture, love and invest in film.

At the moment, our society is pretty far from it. This distance is what makes the further work of Krakofil Plus impossible: new programme sidebars, an industry section, education, and production, cannot be developed without support.

In the last couple of years, the City of Banjaluka has practially been ignoring the festival, providing minimal support that has been decreasing edition after edition. In this way, they let the organizers know that it has no interest in the festival that was primarily visited by citizens of Banjaluka.

Until 2016, Kratkofil Plus held nine editions, screened more than a thousand short and feature-length films from all over the world, produced 11 socially engaged documentaries though its project PUNCH, out of which five were international co-productions. Through the project Kratkofil Junior, young children made their first fiction, documentary and experimental short films.

Kratkofil Plus was always trying to be a place of art, cinema, mutual exchange, friendship, education and quality entertainment. We hope we managed to do this and we are sorry that we are no longer able to uphold this place.

Thank you to everyone who shared our vision and love for cinema all these years.

Until better times for culture and art, we wish many new and special films to film-makers.