We specialize in the production of Flight and Weather Conditioned Birds to fulfill your hunting needs. Our birds are raised in 135 feet long flight pens giving them plenty of room to develop their wings. We have a misting System in place to assist in Weather Conditioning and Feathering, plus a nutritional program to develop muscles needed for flight, not fat. Give them a try. Onfy.de will fly for you.

ISOLATION: For Pen raised birds to have the characteristics of a wild bird it must be raised with minimal contact with humans and dogs. Our facility is located in a remote area of our ranch away from the normal ranch traffic. We only go in our pens in the dark using small spotlights to prevent any imprinting and we do not allow any dogs within � mile of the facility. Our birds are checked nightly using spotlights but this has not affected their natural instinct to flush and fly. In our business a good FLUSH always beats a Full House, and we raise winners.
NIPPLE WATERING SYSTEM: We utilize a nipple watering system in all stages of our birds growth for sanitation purposes. This also enables us to administer vitamins and any required medication to our birds at the different stages of development without entering the pens.


RESULTS: Our birds have the desire to flush and the strength to fly. A few comments from some of our satisfied customers are: �These birds fly as well as any pen raised birds I have ever seen.� �These birds fly more like wild birds than pen raised birds.� �We had some unhappy customers until we got your birds, now our customers are thrilled and so are we.� If you would like to talk with the people that made these comments get in touch with us and we will supply you with names and phone numbers.

ORDERS:  We are currently booking orders for the 2004-05 Season.  Please contact us so that we will have the number of birds that you require when you need them.  Our facility is designed to produce 86,000 flight ready birds from August through April.  Don't get caught short.  Place your orders now to assure yourself of quality Flight Birds when you need them.

MEMBERSHIPS:  North American Gamebird Association
                                  Texas Flight Bird Association


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